Guinness – My Goodness !!

Guinness – My Goodness !

W Bro George Millson PPrGReg of Uxbridge Lodge, No. 7066 turned 80 years of age on the 27th October.

As Brother George had been self-isolating after medical treatment, it was decided by Members of the Lodge that he qualified for “emergency rations” of a liquid variety to aid his recovery.

The Lodge Almoner W. Bro Kevin Gates presented 12 cans of Guinness in a suitably distanced delivery.

Brother George has been a stalwart Member of the Lodge since his Initiation in December 1987, in a Double First with his brother W Bro Reg Millson PPrSGD.

There is a further family connection and George’s son is currently a Country Member due to his business commitments at work and Reg’s grandson was also Initiated in freemasonry in the same Lodge in December 2011.

W Bro George has been Worshipful Master of the Lodge four times, as well as taking on the role of Chaplain during his masonic career.

W Bro George only recently gave up work at 79 being a carpenter and builder by trade.

RAF Uxbridge Nissen Hut

He worked locally and has also been involved in prestigious developments in and around London and the South East including Eton College.

A keen fish keeper with a large pond full of award winning Koi Carp he was a founding member of Uxbridge Aquarist Society back in the 1970’s when aquariums and exotic fish keeping became a popular hobby.

He has been a supporter and Committee member of the Royal Air Force Association based in Uxbridge which held meetings in one of the last surviving Nissen Huts.

(As a matter of passing interest and a propos of RAF Uxbridge, the famous archaeologist and British Army Officer, T E Lawrence, who never had a single day of battlefield training, joined the RAF under the assumed name of John Hume Ross and was stationed in Middlesex at RAF Uxbridge. He wrote a book called THE MINT which described his time at Uxbridge).

Having reached the milestone of 80 years of age it has not been possible to celebrate due to the current crisis, but, hopefully, when it’s all over there can be some “catch up” and George’s 80th can be celebrated belatedly.

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