Uxbridge Lodge – Bill Crawley

30 Years and Counting…..

(l) W Bro Ken Demmen PPrGREg (Middx) PPrSGD (Berks) (r) W Bro Bill Crawley PPrGSuptWks (Middx) PPrDepGReg (Surrey)

As Freemasons, we are familiar with the celebrations surrounding 50 years Long Service Certificates and sometimes 60 years.

Both of these are a cause for great joy.

Many will not reach that dizzy number of years, but there are other landmark moments on the way, which may also be celebrated within individual Lodges.

Uxbridge Lodge, No. 7066 recently had a cause to celebrate W Bro Bill Crawley’s 30 years membership of the Lodge and, as is the local tradition, was presented with an engraved whisky glass bearing the Uxbridge Lodge Crest by the WM W. Bro Ken Demmen.

The Worshipful Master offered a message of thanks from the Brethren for all his hard work as Lodge Treasurer.

As a jocular aside it was thought that if the Lodge had known he was going to propose an increase in subs they may have had second thoughts.

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