From Middlesex Mason to Time Immemorial

(l to r): Brother Marek Wojcik of Richmond Hill Lodge No 6698
and Brother Jeff Hoad of Hundred of Elloe Lodge No 469 (Province of Lincolnshire)

Perhaps sounding like a sequel to Back to the Future, this was altogether something quite different for newly raised Brother, Marek Wojcik of Richmond Hill Lodge No 6698.

Having been Raised in that Lodge’s Great Grandmother Lodge, Lodge of Harmony No 255, by kind permission of the Worshipful Master and Brethren, Brother Marek was invited to attend a Raising at Freemasons’ Hall in the prestigious Lodge of Antiquity No 2.

This Lodge is given as Time Immemorial and records show that it met at the Goose and Grid Iron in 1717, St Pauls’ Churchyard, having existed since 1691.

How many new Master Masons can boast this ?

The visit had been arranged by the Richmond Hill Lodge Secretary, Worshipful Brother Robert McLintock.

This gave Brother Marek the opportunity to experience the Ceremony of Raising and give a further insight and understanding of the Degree to which he had just had admitted and all it represents in a different setting.

The Candidate, Brother Jeff Hoad, is a Member of the Hundred of Elloe Lodge No 469 in the Province of Lincolnshire, itself dating back to 1840.

This was an example of Freemasonry at its best and not only was Richmond Hill Lodge represented by six Members, the Hundred of Elloe Lodge also sent thirty Brethren to support their Member on what must have been a very prestigious occasion.

Harmony was certainly the keyword.

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