Help Needed for a Little Boy

Our work as Freemasons comes in different packages.

We have recently seen the splendid efforts of Lodges, Chapters, Masonic Centres and individual members coming together offering practical assistance as well as financial contributions to improve the lot of others.

This help is given regardless of race, colour or creed, as we have seen.

The Brethren of Rose of England Lodge, No. 6456 are offering help in yet another way by asking the Media Team to publicise the plea by distraught parents for a donor for their 4 year old son Veer Gudhka, from Harrow, who desperately needs a stem cell transplant.

Our work extends beyond the Temple and it is refreshing to know that members of the Community at large will reach out to freemasons for help when needed.

As Masons none of us would see a child in distress and the information below which has been produced by the parents will highlight the seriousness of little Veer’s condition.

Let us hope that somebody will come forward and that a suitable donor can be found.

So, a thank you to the members of Rose of England Lodge for their efforts in supporting this very important request.

Please also see the information contained in the following links:

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