Inspiration at Aspiration

Members of Lodge of Aspiration, No. 6086 with APGM W Bro Jim Mitchell and his Escort, visitors and guests

On Monday 6th December, the Lodge of Aspiration, No. 6086 had the honour of an Official Visit from the new Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Jim Mitchell, together with his escorting Director of Ceremonies and Stewards, the new Visiting officer W Bro Ivan Chu, the Secretary of Temple of Athene Lodge and the Lodge members’ own guests.

It might be said that the measure of a Lodge is not necessarily when there is Degree work, or an Installation, but when there is no work!

Whilst the Lodge did not have any degree work and it wasn’t Installation, excellent use was made of the meeting to the surprise, entertainment and hopefully enjoyment of those present when many of the members of the Lodge staged a presentation of working the Lectures in the First Degree.

The form of these Lectures is the ‘catechetical’, or question and answer style now only found in small part at a certain time in Royal Arch meetings.

It would appear that this is rarely performed anywhere.

Indeed, one of the Lodge’s longest serving members recalled last seeing it 50 years ago.

So, it was a most worthwhile exercise which involved many of the members and the Lodge being in the First Degree, was open to Entered Apprentices and upwards to attend and participate.

Even the new APGM took a small part !

The Inspiration to adopt the question-and-answer format at the meeting can give an enjoyable respite from the rigours of degree ritual and Tracing Boards, no doubt.

There is no reason why any Lodge not having a Candidate should have an ‘empty’ meeting as such.

To quote the charter of the BBC, “the aim is to inform, educate and entertain” and it is hoped that this was achieved.

Many thanks to W Bro Alan Peters for providing this report

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