The Boys from the Platinum Stuff

Members of Ickenham St Giles Lodge, No. 6028 might have sat back on their laurels after the magnificent achievement in the 2020 Festival reaching Platinum Grand Patron status with a contribution of £39,557.

Not only that, during the Festival period they additionally donated over £20,000 to other charitable endeavours.

However, with the current crisis the Lodge once again is ready for charitable action to assist the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust.

Harefield Hospital, although in partnership with its sister hospital, the Royal Brompton in London, is still very much a Middlesex Institution.

The Lodge has two members who have senior clinical positions at Harefield Hospital.

The Hospital is a specialist care centre, but with this current crisis and pandemic the staff are struggling with the amount of Covid-19 cases coming in.

To gain additional support the Hospital’s charity has just launched a Covid-19 Emergency Appeal and are committed to raising £100,000 to purchase vital lifesaving equipment that the staff need now to save lives.

The clinical teams are working longer hours, with some not even going home between shifts.

Others are now retraining in order to help with extra patients and staff are working around the clock, putting others first and providing the expertise that they are known for, but they need additional resources to help deliver this specialist care. 

£100,000 would be a great help. 

Please check the website where additional and more precise details of what is needed can be found.

Freemasonry and Harefield Hospital – a link –

There is a link between Freemasonry and Harefield Hospital in particular, as W. Bro Sir Alexander Fleming, a London Mason worked at Harefield Hospital during the Second World War as regional pathologist and devoted much of his time at Harefield’s pathology department studying the effects of his discoveries on a wide variety of infections, including tuberculosis.

Of course, his discovery of Penicillin is renowned. He was jointly awarded a Nobel Prize in 1945.

Digging deep once again –

The Pro Provincial Grand Master has already asked Middlesex Masons to give their support to the London North West Healthcare Charity based at Northwick Park, Harrow.

Additionally, the Brethren of Ickenham St Giles are asking you to support, as well, the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity.

For those of us who are not affected financially by the “lockdown”, perhaps we might weigh the costs saved by that festive board we didn’t have to pay for, or the journey to the Lodge that was not undertaken.

These Charitable appeals may be the difference between life and death to some, even to us.

And when it is known that there were donations made by freemasons, they will know that we are the ones to whom the distressed may prefer their suit and we are the ones whose hearts are expanded by benevolence.

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