Even Old News is Good News

Harrow Progress Lodge, No. 5964 – Rule of Six Installation Meeting

Better late than never – Old news from Harrow Progress Lodge, No. 5964

Who would have thought that the Rule of 6 might be recalled as a halcyon moment in Freemasonry when Lodges and Chapter whose meetings just happened to fall within the time parameters were able to meet and do some vital administration.

Some were even able to Proclaim the Worshipful Master for another year.

With the Prime Minister’s forthcoming announcement due on February 22nd, 2021, it is with baited breath that Middlesex Freemasons anticipate what might be allowed in our Masonic Centres.

Although not ideal, a reintroduction of the Rule of 6 to allow Lodges and Chapters to conduct some business just to get back to a feeling of continuity would not be amiss.

Better still would be a signal that we might return to a fuller participation by late Spring, when elections could take place in some units and plans made for the late Summer/early Autumn.

Some members of Harrow Progress Lodge were able to beat the blockade and managed to “sneak in” an Installation Meeting last October.

Looking back we can take comfort that despite the lack of numbers some things can be done.

This took place on Tuesday 6th October, 2020 at Harrow District Masonic Centre where 6 Brethren attended.

The protocols for the Rule of 6 were religiously followed and all the Brethren kept the required statutory distance and wore face masks.

Those fortunate to attend were:

W Bro Lindsey Read – Worshipful Master
W Bro Ian Taylor – Senior Warden.
Bro Kiran Bhatla – Junior Warden.
W Bro Ian Scutt – Director of Ceremonies.
Bro David Morton IPM as Secretary
W Bro Eric Diamond – Treasurer

Bro Stephen Elton acted as Tyler.

Brethren, keep the faith and also our fingers crossed that there will soon be a respite to our masonic woes.

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