Middlesex Brighton Biker Inspires Norma Lodge to 2020 Vice Patron Status

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Festival time approaches and thinking hats go on so Lodge and Chapters can plan to raise the requisite funds to reach the desired levels of attainment; a daunting task, perhaps.

However, when W Bro Micky Mulhern PPrJGD took over as Charity Steward of Norma Lodge No 5902 in 2016 it was a struggle to raise funds for The Middlesex 2020 Festival.

After a talk from the ProvG Charity Steward, John Briggs, the Brethren became more motivated and committed to the cause of raising at least £1,000 per year.

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W. Bro Mulhern, in his new position in the Lodge felt that he needed to lead by example and decided in 2017 to do the London to Brighton bike ride, which is a major public event with lots of publicity. After purchasing a bike he began training in earnest.

He completed the ride and raised £400.

Such was the sense of achievement last year he decided to do it again this year.

This took place in June.

Not only that in the meantime Norma Lodge had been busy organising Christmas Dinners, White Tables, festival weekends as well as Virtual Race Nights.

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All of these endeavours have resulted in a staggering sum of over £14,000 being raised which has taken the Lodge to Vice Patron status.

Further events are planned especially with the forthcoming 75th Anniversary looming in November 2018, with a special meeting at Harrow District Masonic Centre.

Well done to all members of Norma Lodge and good luck.

Long may you be inspired.

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