Alert Lodge Still Standing By After 75 Years.

Alert Lodge, No 5861 celebrated 75 years of existence on Saturday 9th June at Cole Court, Twickenham.

This was a superb achievement and augurs well for centenary celebrations in another 25 years.

The date of the Lodge Warrant is 2nd December 1942 and the Consecration took place on the 25th February 1943.

There is a story that the Lodge name derives from the fact that when its’ Founders met to discuss formation of the new Lodge the meeting was interrupted by an air raid alert.

This was, of course, 1942 when, I am sure, Middlesex and environs would have been prone to this kind of interruption.

It was rather a propos to name the new Lodge “ALERT”.

Poignantly, there were 75 members and guests at the meeting including Worshipful Brother Paul Huggins APGM, as well as the Secretary and Master of the Alert’s Mother Lodge – Roll Call Lodge, No 2523 and a host of other guests from Temple of Uxbridge Lodge, No 7660, with whom Alert Lodge has a strong association and also Hercies Lodge, No 9651.

Festive Board in 1943 might have been tricky due to food rationing.

Although no particular record exists of the actual Consecration Festive Board menu, there is a Minute from the third regular meeting where the Inner Guard asked on the Risings whether there might be a change of menu from Mutton which had been dished out at the last two meetings to something else.

In the spirit of those early meetings (certainly in terms of the meat content), Alert Lodge enjoyed a repast of Grilled Mushrooms with bacon and cheese, Rack of Lamb (a nostalgic look back to the mutton?), dauphinoise potatoes followed by Banoffee pie.

The Anniversary Meeting saw the Passing of Brother Harry Singh Badh for whom I am sure was a most memorable occasion.

The meeting closed with a rendition of the Long Closing in the First Degree, which is an elegant piece of ritual, where Masons are encouraged not only to fulfil their duties in the Craft, but to extend these Masonic attributes to others by liberal beneficence and diffusive charity and by being good to all.

An interesting fact about Alert Lodge is that no Master has ever served more than one term in Office.

At each Installation there is always a new Worshipful Master.

The Lodge surprised W. Bro Paul Huggins APGM by presenting him with a birthday card signed by all, a rendition of Happy Birthday and a bottle of “bubbly”.

If this is Freemasonry at its best, then long may it continue and long life to Alert Lodge and here’s to the Centenary Meeting.

W. Bro Stanley J Marut LGR
Provincial Media Team

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