Magnificent Munificence

Ickenham Lodge, No. 5770 reach Platinum Grand Patron –

Members of Ickenham Lodge, No. 5770 together with W Bro Robert Rough PAGDC APGM and Escort

W. Bro Robert Rough PAGDC APGM made an official visit to Ickenham Lodge, No. 5770 on Saturday 18th January and he together with his Escorting Team were greeted with immense warmth and friendship.

The Labour of the evening was an exceptional Installation Ceremony performed by the Lodge with over 50 brethren were in attendance.

However, there was a special reason for the extra official visit.

At the earlier visit to the Ickenham Lodge they had achieved Grand Patron Status in The 2020 Festival.

It was at the festive board that the APGM pronounced that if the Lodge achieved Platinum Grand Patron status he would be back and the port would be on him.

The Lodge members took W Bro Bob at his word and immediately proceeded to work toward the next level, which was no mean achievement, especially as they only had six months to reach the required amount.

True to his word the APGM returned and the Port was on him.

It was a superb end to an excellent meeting and festive board as well as an example of a magnificent munificence by the lodge members and has to be enthusiastically applauded.

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