Hegeston Lodge Returns in Sorrow to Harrow

On Saturday 2nd October 2021 Hegeston Lodge, No. 5220 held its Installation meeting at Harrow District Masonic Centre and reinstalled W Bro Ian Warr as Master of the Lodge.

However, what made the meeting special was that towards the end of the meeting the Lodge was Called Off to allow a Lodge of Sorrow or Remembrance to take place.

This is a very special event and allows the Lodge to celebrate the masonic lives of departed Brethren who had given many years of loyal service.

All three members commemorated had also been active in several areas of charitable causes.

At the same time the Lodge also remembered other Freemasons who had died during the lockdown period, especially those who had died from Covid 19.

The Lodge Of Sorrow –

The Lodge of Sorrow ritual was a tailored version taken from several different models worked both in England and in North America.

With the lights dimmed in the Temple the ceremony started in a similar way to the normal opening of the Lodge with the WM accompanied by his Wardens and the Chaplain holding the VSL.

The Ceremony was undertaken with all respect and reverence and involved the WM and Wardens in a series of symbolic gestures with the additional special adornments of a skull, an altar and white flowers.

The Masonic Aprons of the departed Brethren were placed in those seats they would have occupied in the Lodge.

Prayers of thanks and eulogies were given as well as a lecture on the significance of the skull in the ceremony.

Once the Lodge of Sorrow was concluded the candles were extinguished and the WM and Wardens retired.

The normal furniture was restored and the Master and Wardens returned to resume the Labours of the Lodge.

The Lodge of Sorrow is a wonderful tribute to those members who have been called to the Grand Lodge above and is a unique and moving experience.

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