The Hale Lodge goes for broke

How do you measure the success of the Charity Steward’s efforts in the Lodge ?

Should we measure the success of the Lodge’s charitable efforts by the amount “in the kitty” so to speak, or by how much isn’t in there ?

W. Bro Tony Gorman JP PPrSGW, Treasurer and Charity Steward of The Hale Lodge, No. 5141 has gone for the latter.

Over the last few months, the Lodge went for broke and from the proceeds of the MPRF and the Lodge Relief Chest has contributed an amazing £3,375 to worthy causes.

W Bro Tony took on the role of Charity Steward after the unfortunate passing of former Charity Steward W Bro Steve Cook PPrDepGReg to the Grand Lodge above on the 16th April 2020, after succumbing to the dreadful effects of Covid 19. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that W Bro Steve would have acknowledged the wonderful gifts of charity from the Lodge.

Having attained Patron status in The 2020 Festival the Lodge was able to donate £200 through the auspices of the Middlesex Province Relief Fund to St Lukes’ Hospice, Harrow –

On reaching Vice Patron a further £200 was given to the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre at Mount Vernon Hospital –

The Hale Lodge still had a way to go and the next beneficiary was the Saracens Sports Foundation which is the charitable arm of the Saracens Rugby Club.

They received a gift of £400 from the Relief Chest.

The Charity’s vision is to inspire the community through the values of sport, physical activity and social opportunities as a catalyst for positive change, enabling the fulfilment of potential –

The Hale Lodge hadn’t finished yet and started to spend big bucks with a donation to The British Heart Foundation, once again a £1,000 from the Relief Chest –

Yet more to come and was this the “Wall Street Crash” of Middlesex ?

The Relief Chest alarm bells began to ring as another substantial award to the Happy Days Children’s Charity of £1,000 –

Time to take stock no doubt of cash outflow.

That left £575 in the Relief Chest where it would attract dust and little value.

So, that was it. The Hale Lodge threw in their cards and went for broke.

One final donation of £575 to the Great Ormond Street Charity for Children with Cancer and that was it.

All the money was gone !!! –

However, this goes to show that even if you “lose” all your money, you can still be the winner.

The Brethren of The Hale Lodge, No. 5141 have shown remarkable generosity and are a credit to the Province.

Now it will be back to the drawing board and a new set of objectives.

If you have nothing left, then it is a wonderful opportunity to focus and build up resources in the forthcoming masonic year.

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