First Full Meeting Since February

Fulcorn Lodge – Initiation (l to r) W Bro Ashwin Malkan (WM); Bro Velayudhan (Velu) Chandran (Candidate); W Bro Dinesh Dave (IPM); W Bro Rohit Patel (DC); W Bro Shanker Modha (Chaplain – Acting); W Bro Sunjit Mehta (Charity Stwd)

Fulcorn Lodge, No. 4791 had its first full meeting since February 2020, which was an Installation, although it managed to squeeze in an Emergency Meeting last September 2020, under the rule of six.

Anxious to get back on track the Lodge met on 13th July 2021 for a very cautious and compliant first meeting after the lockdown which took place at Harrow District Masonic Centre in the Prince Michael of Kent Temple, with 17 members present.

All were socially distanced, of course, and the Initiate was one of two Candidates who had been patiently waiting in the wings for more than a year.

Another further Initiation Ceremony will take place at an Emergency Meeting to be held on the 17th September 2021.

The candidate was Mr Velayudhan (Velu) Chandran, the GP of W Bro Sanjit Mehta until retirement.

He felt that by becoming a freemason he would be able “give something back” to society and also enable to keep more active in retirement.

The Initiation Ceremony was conducted by the WM Ashwin Malkan with assistance from W Bros Shanker Modha and Rohit Patel.

Regrettably, it was a Fulcorn Festive Board famine, as the Initiate could not enjoy a normal post Initiation experience.

However, not to be outdone by the circumstances many of the Brethren retired with the Candidate to a local vegetarian Indian Restaurant, which rounded off a very enjoyable evening.

The members of Fulcorn Lodge now anticipate and another Initiation at the September Emergency Meeting, as well as a Passing.

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