Have Gavel, will travel !

Brethren of Fulcorn Lodge, No. 4791

Fulcorn Lodge, No. 4791 was delighted to pass on its Travelling Gavel at its recent July meeting, reinvigorating the spirit and purpose of visiting within Masonic lodges.

The Gavel was claimed by W. Bro. Stewart Kennedy, Master of Catuvellauni Lodge, No. 9435 from Province of Hertfordshire, accompanied by twelve brethren from the same Lodge.

This came about because of the friendship between W. Bro. Sanjay Mehta of Fulcorn Lodge and W. Bro. Andy Gough of Catuvellauni, who both occupied the Chair of King Solomon in the same year.

Travelling Gavel

For those unaware, Travelling Gavels are intended to promote visiting between lodges, usually within the same or nearby Provinces.

The Travelling Gavel will have a number of rules about how it may be claimed by visitors, usually covering who and how many visitors are required to make a successful claim on the Gavel.

The original Lodge that launched the Gavel will typically record the history of its journey within Masonry.

Fulcorn Lodge’s Travelling Gavel is unusual in that it originated in Pines Lodge, Queensland, Australia, which regrettably was sadly erased in June 2015.

It was claimed from East Barnet Lodge, No. 6259 in 2011 on a visit by five members of Fulcorn Lodge.

How it arrived at East Barnet Lodge 6259 from Australia is not known presently.

Recently, Preceptor and Director of Ceremonies Rohit Patel took it upon himself to promote the Gavel, including having it framed and posting a history on the lodge web site:


Although the Gavel has now moved outside Middlesex, Fulcorn Lodge, its adopted owners, will continue to provide updates on its travels and its progress in keeping alive the tradition of visiting within Masonry.

W. Bro Rohit Patel said, “I try to promote as much visiting as possible, both at Fulcorn and to other lodges in the Province, and for me the Visitor’s Toast and response are the best and most important parts of the Festive Board.

We were delighted to be custodians of the Gavel and to pass it into the care of Catuvellauni Lodge, and we look forward to following its progress in the coming years.

A version of this story appeared in the Autumn/Winter 2019 Edition of the Mercury, which can be viewed HERE whilst hard copies are available at all Middlesex Masonic Centres while stocks last.

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