The Magnificent Six

Members of Fulcorn Lodge, No. 4791 socially distancing

Having missed two meetings, May and July, the Brethren of Fulcorn Lodge, No. 4791 were not to be browbeaten by events and when normal masonic business resumed decided that the work which was now beginning to form a back log should be undertaken at two Emergency Meetings by Dispensation in September and December with an intervening regular meeting.

With a catalogue of masonic work to be carried out including a Passing, a Raising and two initiations, the arrival of the “Rule of Six” presented its own difficulties.

Even with the prospect of not meeting in numbers the Brethren decided to go ahead with the Passing.

With skill and assiduity, no doubt, the Lodge members able to attend worked out how the ceremony was to be performed taking due note of the guidelines issued.

Great stuff so far.

The Masonic Gremlins Arrive –

With everybody keyed up and willing to go ahead the Brother who was to be Passed reported that he had a temperature and that he would for safety’s sake, not attend.

But, you can always rely on a PIG and after frantic telephone calls, the Lodge’s Permanently Invited Guest agreed to turn up acting as the Candidate for Passing and the Lodge was at least able to perform a demonstration of the 2nd Degree.

This shows that it is possible to work as a team even with reduced numbers and with all present multitasking.

The Officers present were:

Worshipful Master – W. Bro Ashwin Malkan
Senior Warden – W. Bro Sailesh Mehta PPrGStdB
Junior Warden – W. Bro Ajay Arora Prov GStwd
Senior Deacon – W. Bro Sandeep Berry PM
Director of Ceremonies – W. Bro Rohit Pater PProvJGD .

The DC acted also as Inner Guard, Tyler, Secretary and Immediate Past Master, the Senior Warden acted as Chaplain and the Senior Deacon carried out the duties of Junior Deacon as well.

Of course, the visitor acted as candidate.

The Permanently Invited Guest was W Bro Jaydrath Patel LGR of the Sir Hugh Myddelton Lodge, No. 1602 – in Metropolitan Grand Lodge.

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