Two Brothers attend each other’s Initiations !

On the Saturday afternoon of April 7th, Cedars of Lebanon Lodge, No.4317 had an Initiation Ceremony of interest as well as uniqueness.

The Ceremony of Initiation was conducted by Worshipful Brother Jack Koychev, the Worshipful Master, who was Initiated in February 2011 and is from Bulgaria.

The Candidate was Mr Charles Fages, who is from France, having been Proposed by his step brother, Bro Rodolphe Quenette, who was Raised only two months before, and is the Lodge’s Inner Guard and is also from France.

Charles was a Master Mason in a French Lodge whose Workings were almost Scottish.

He wanted to join a Lodge in England but only if he could start at the beginning.

The Ceremony was conducted in English as one would expect, but with a strong flavour of Bulgarian and French accents, the Initiation itself was performed with precision and style by the Worshipful Master and the Working Tools were presented word perfectly by Brother Quenette.

Brother Bill Hearn completed this feast of accents with a first class delivery of the Address after Initiation in a broad cockney accent.

The Ceremony surely defines what our Order should be about, where we are united under the common banner of Freemasonry and where nationality and language takes second place to fraternal enjoyment and comradery, a truly fulfilling experience for all who were present.

The uniqueness of the Ceremony was that the Candidate Bro Charles had been a guest at his step brothers Initiation a year before !

This paradox is explained by the fact that Bro Charles is a Master Mason in the Grand Lodge of France.

Bro Charles wanted to start his Membership of the English craft Freemasonry as an Initiate and with permission granted he was in the unique position of being able to experience a Ceremony of Initiation that he had already seen before he was Initiated !

Both Brother Jack and Rodolphe are to be congratulated on their recital of English ritual in a second language and for providing such an enjoyable afternoon of ceremony and ritual.

Gerry Innow

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