Edgware Lodge Quadruple Bill: Including the Centenary VSL & the Inaugural “A Dialogue with the RA”

W. Bro Paul Huggins PSGD APGM presents Lectern Bible to W. Bro Suresh Mamtor

Edgware Lodge, No. 3866 had a very special meeting on Thursday May 23rd at which a Lectern edition Volume of the Sacred Law (VSL) was presented by W. Bro Paul Huggins PSGD APGM on behalf of the Pro Provincial Grand Master, RW Peter Baker, to mark the Centenary of the Lodge, which had been consecrated on the 11th July 1918.

The VSL was donated by the Province and was a very fine Lectern edition bound in goatskin and tooled with gold leaf lettering with the name of the Lodge.

Inside the flyleaf page there was an inscription marking the Centenary of the Lodge.

The actual Centenary Meeting had taken place in 2018.

If you didn’t think this was exciting enough, the Lodge also performed the Ceremony of Passing conducted by the WM, W. Bro Suresh Mamtor.

The candidate Bro Samir Sumaria gave a very good account of himself by giving a faultless rendition of the answers leading from the First to the Second Degree.

No Festive Board yet and there was more work to be done.

The Lodge Charity Steward, W. Bro Himanshu Bavaria PProvGStdB was then presented with a 2020 Festival Patron Certificate by W. Bro Paul Huggins APGM.

W. Bro Himanshu announced that it was aiming for Grand Patron status in the near future.

Time For A Dialogue –

If any of the Brethren were clock watching, then they would have to wait a little longer, as there was the inaugural presentation of “A Dialogue with the Royal Arch” dedicated to the memory of E Comp John Culling, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal.

This was a playlet lasting about 20 minutes with four brethren acting out various roles; one a brother keen to join the Holy Royal Arch and asking questions with two experienced Royal Arch Brethren answering the questions, whilst another represented the online Web answering further questions.

It was very well acted and received a number of favourable comments, including one in particular from W Bro Naru Thakker, Past Assistant District Grand Master of East Africa, who was keen to adopt it for his District.

Many Royal Arch Provinces are now developing this kind of storyline by way of playlet to be shown in Craft Lodges as a way of developing interest in the Holy Royal Arch, which is described as the essence of freemasonry.

This first presentation in Middlesex has already stimulated interest with one Brother keen to come into Royal Arch and another wanting to get involved with the team.

The next presentation will be at Ickenham Lodge, No.5770 on Saturday 22nd June at Twickenham, after which the Provincial Executive will assess the project and the feedback and determine the next stage for the new masonic season.

If you have been a Master Mason for more than four weeks you may join a Royal Arch Chapter, which will further develop your masonic experience and is a rich and colourful degree.

The 58 Brethren who attended the meeting will have felt richly rewarded by an evening of ceremony and enlightenment together with a further advancement in masonic knowledge.

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