Death of W. Bro Philip Senior

Three senior Freemasons with 50, 60 and 70 years of Membership

(FR l to r) W Bro Rodney Crook, PPrGReg(Surrey); W Bro Phil Senior, PPrJGW(Middx); W Bro Bill Newman, PPrGSwdB(Surrey)
(BR ltor) Bro Ron Shannon PPrSGD(Middx), W Bro Paul Huggins, APGM, W Bro Richard Green PPrDepGReg(Middx).

Last summer we featured W. Bro Phil Senior’s remarkable achievement by attaining 70 years as a Freemason.
( The 50-60-70 Show – A Middlesex Mason’s amazing journey through decades of Freemasonry with Alma Lodge, No. 3534 )

Sadly however, he died peacefully in Shannon Court RMBI Home on 27th December not too far short of his 71st anniversary.

He was fully alert to the very end and had enjoyed a visit from his family on Christmas Eve.

Funeral Service –

W. Bro Phil’s funeral was held at St Philip and St James Church in Whitton, Twickenham on 31st January, when his 70th certificate was on display at the front of the church.

Poignantly, one of the mourners had been the chief bridesmaid at his wedding in 1952.

The Closing Ode was one of the hymns.

As is often the case, it is only when attending someone’s funeral that we learn things about them that we never knew whilst they were alive. Phil’s was no exception.

Photo of a young Phil Senior in his RAF uniform

W. Bro Phil Senior as a younger man in his Royal Airforce uniform.

Career with BOAC –

Until the last few months, he had lived in Whitton all his life, attending the same church, with a long career as an engineer for BOAC (later British Airways), when he worked on many types of aircraft, including the Boeing 747 “Jumbo” jet and Concorde.

BOAC sent Phil to work in overseas locations, including Bermuda and Bahrain, and they also sent him to the Boeing factory in Seattle to see the first BOAC 747s being built.

He also had the good fortune to be present at the ticker tape parade in New York to welcome back the first astronauts to visit the Moon.

Phil was also a member of the group that recovered and restored a Wellington bomber after it was discovered in Loch Ness long after the Second World War.

As the vicar commented in his address, Phil’s life was a fine example of service – a long association not only with Freemasonry, but also with Scouting, and many years in the church choir.

Loyal and Reliable Man –

He was a loyal and reliable man – always immaculately turned out, and with a strong sense of duty, who would be greatly missed.

Alma Lodge, No. 3534 (Phil’s Lodge) was well represented at the funeral and provided a guard of honour through which his coffin passed as it left the church for the crematorium.

The Province was represented by W. Bro Hugh Saville, Provincial Almoner.

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