Albert Sees Red……As a way of raising some cash for the WM’s charity.

Albert Mance PPrJGW

Albert Mance PPJGW, of Horsa-Dun Lodge, No. 3123, announced at their Christmas meeting (always held the last Friday before Christmas), that for their February meeting he would be dying his hair and beard bright red.

Now Albert’s no spring chicken, as can be seen from the photo.

But he’s a tough old boot, and a wonderfully stubborn man and dedicated Mason.

He suffered a stroke a few years back, which he was lucky to survive.

It’s left him in poor health, and liable to the odd tumble here and there.

But he and his “entourage” of visitors (two of whom recently became Joining Members) attend pretty much every Meeting without fail, despite his ailing health.

In fact, when Albert insisted on standing during the Third Rising to make the announcement and asking for support in his fundraising, it cost him so much effort that each and every man in the Lodge was concerned that it would literally cause him to collapse.

But stand he did, and speak he did, until every last word was uttered, refusing the WM’s offer to be seated while he spoke.

He stated that he wanted to see people smiling, and raise some money at the same time.

And he hoped that Santa would be kind to him and aid him in his efforts.

So he circulated a sponsorship form at the Festive Board, and Lo ! Santa was indeed prepared to support him.

In fact, many Santas were !


The Horsa-Dun Meetings are always jolly anyhow, but the Christmas meeting steps this up a notch.

They were privileged to have the company of the APGM, W Bro Paul Huggins and his escorting team, as well as their own VO, W Bro Geoff Cullingham PPGSwdB.

A splendid, and very interesting, talk about the Installation Ceremony was given by W Bro David Pearson, PAGDC, who also encouraged the Brethren to make use of the new Solomon resource now available from UGLE, as expounded in the latest issue of Freemasonry Today.

It’s an excellent website, and already full of interesting facts and information.

It will be fascinating to read more as it grows.

You can dip into the “Nuggets” – short pieces, full of advice or information (who really knows all the “rules” about what tie to wear, and when?), or spend more time reading the longer Papers, which go into more detail on a subject.

But beware ! As soon as you see the list of subjects available, time with you will (rather prematurely) be no more.

You will find yourself clicking away, surprised at how many items interest you, and how little you actually know about our fascinating Brotherhood.

So don’t get started if you have important matters to attend to afterwards !

Have a look yourself:

I couldn’t find anything in there about the famous “Redbeard Ritual”, but I’m sure by the time I return in February, to let you know how Albert got on, that somebody will have written something on the subject.

Meanwhile – wishing all a peaceful and merry Christmas, and health, happiness and prosperity in 2019.

W. Bro Frank O’Keefe

Provincial Media Team
Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex

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