The Horsa-Dun Lodge, No. 3123 Master’s Garden Party In Verse.

The Middlesex Provincial Media Team has its own Bard in the person of W. Bro Frank O’Keefe a Member of Horsa-Dun Lodge, No. 3123 who has written this very amusing and witty rhyming couplet.

On a warm summer’s day, at the start of July
The perfect occasion, no cloud in the sky
A party was held, at the Master’s request
Each Brother obliged to bring at least one guest.

With the assembly assembled, the fun could begin
With Pimms in a cup, or a large tonic (with gin!)
And food that was served by the good Master’s wife
Helped along by Mandy, Mike’s trouble and strife.

The idea was to raise some much needed cash
For the Isobel Hospice, and that’s why the bash
Was held in the garden, for the folks to donate
While the cooks grilled the food, which the hordes quickly ate.

And when they were sated, and the drinks they did flow
A hamper was brought out, and put there on show
To tempt them to buy a raffle ticket or two
As ‘twas all in a good cause, which all of them knew.

Then heads and tails for the bottle of booze
Along with some card sharps – oh how could we lose!
It’s hard to believe, but lose some of us did
But at the end of the day, we’d raised 600 quid.

We’d enjoyed all the natter, the company and fun
The food and the drink, and when all was done
We all bade farewell, said “see you again soon”
At the next garden party by lodge Horsa-Dun.

This was a fine effort by Lodge Members to raise £600, which will benefit Isabel Hospice in Welwyn Garden City and will be added to other monies collected during the Masters year.

Well done the Bard and Members of Horsa-Dun !

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