A Teddy Bear’s Picnic and More at Horsa Dun Ladies Festival

It’s not often you get to celebrate your 45th Wedding Anniversary on the same day as being Madam and Mr. President at your Ladies’ Weekend Banquet, but that’s what happened to Carol Bungay and Worshipful Brother Paul Bungay, the current Worshipful Master of Horsa-Dun Lodge, No. 3123.

On Saturday 30th March it being 45 years to the day since they exchanged their wedding vows gave them a bit of a quandary – the Anniversary was slap bang in the middle of the Ladies Weekend, being organised by the Festival Committee.

What to do ? Re-arrange the weekend ? Cancel the Anniversary celebrations ? Get divorced and marry a non-Mason next time ? Decisions, decisions, decisions !

But as the saying goes, behind each successful Master, is a successful Mrs and so it turned out to be.

A solution was put forward and approved.

On a gloriously sunny and warm Saturday afternoon in Bournemouth, at a special ceremony in the Hotel, Mr. and Mrs. Bungay retook their wedding vows in front of family and friends from the Lodge amidst a discrete wiping away of tears at what was an emotional moment.

The warm congratulations by those present at the end of the very moving ceremony, bore witness to the affection in which the Worshipful Master and his Lady are held by the lodge members.

It was a great way to start the festivities leading up to the evening Banquet.

A Giant Teddy –

To the delight of all, the first prize of the raffle went to young Olivia, the granddaughter of Bro. John Evans.

The fact that it was an enormous great teddy bear, about five times her own size, brought smiles to the faces of all those present, including young Olivia herself, who is one just one and three quarter years old.

The generosity of those present added to the fund and has helped to achieve more than £2,500 already raised for the Worshipful Master’s charity during his year – the neo-natal unit of Chelmsford Hospital.

W. Bro Paul and his Lady Carol Carol decided to show their appreciation for the way that their daughter had been cared for when she arrived prematurely into this world, tiny and weak.

Thanks to the excellence of the hospital at that trying moment she was there to celebrate the day with her parents.

There was to have been a special Guest of Honour to – W. Bro Albert Mance who had decided to dye his hair and beard red in return for sponsorship in raising funds for the Master’s charity.

This must have been a Horsa Dun masonic first.

At over 80 years old this was a great way to promote a charitable cause.

This he did admirably and raised around £1,000.

Unfortunately, owing to poor health he was unable to attend the weekend.

If not in there in body, he was certainly there in spirit and a photo of him placed on the top table to remind everybody of his generosity and commitment to the lodge and to toast him in his absence.

So – an unusual and wonderful weekend, excellent weather, a great Ladies Festival, a great result for the WM’s charity, and a demonstration of love and loyalty which inspired all those present.

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