Liberty the Belle

Paul is pictured here with Anita and Liberty presenting the cheque to the three nurses who made the most significant donation to his family – the gift of life.

As Masons we are surely very generous in the amounts that we donate to many different good causes each year.

Often though, we may be at a distance from the decision to donate to a particular good cause which may be supported at Provincial or National level.

But every now and again we get the chance to show our personal gratitude for the help received from a particular organisation.

Such an opportunity came the way of W. Bro Paul Bungay, who has just finished his year as Worshipful Master of Horsa-Dun Lodge, No. 3123.

His granddaughter, Liberty, was born prematurely, and was given very little chance of survival.

Due to the skill, dedication and intense effort on the part of the neo-natal department at Chelmsford Hospital, not only did she survive, but thrived.

Paul declared to the Lodge his intention to donate funds to the neo-natal department, as a token of his family’s everlasting gratitude for saving his granddaughter.

With the generosity and support of the Lodge (mightily assisted in the funds raised by W Bro Albert Mance, who dyed his hair pink to raise donations), Paul raised the fantastic sum of £3,851.

He presented the cheque to the hospital, which was made all the more special by way of Paul taking along his daughter Anita and his granddaughter to meet again the team of nurses who dedicated themselves to ensuring Liberty’s survival.

There will be many successes in his life which Paul will fondly remember and celebrate, but I suspect that this occasion will be one of which he, and Horsa-Dun Lodge, will be especially and justifiably proud.

Contributed by W. Bro Frank O’Keefe – Horsa Dun Lodge No 3123

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