Grabbing ‘em whilst they’re young !

John Evans, SD of Horsa-Dun Lodge No 3123 with grand daughter Oliva

There is no doubt about the success of the Universities scheme in getting young students interested in Masonry at an earlier age than usual, and how recruitment through that channel is booming.

Recently John Evans, currently Senior Deacon of Horsa-Dun Lodge No 3123, decided to take early recruitment matters into his own hands – literally into his own hands, as can be seen in the photo, where he is holding his grand daughter Oliva.

At the Lodge’s Ladies Weekend, held over the weekend of 6th-8th April in Bournemouth, the President (W. Bro Steve Grant) and his Lady wished to take wine with all those attending a Ladies Festival for the very first time.

Unsurprisingly, there were none younger than Olivia, who is just 9 months old.

So true to Masonic tradition, she grabbed the nearest glass and accordingly took wine with the President & Madam President, his wife, Emma.

After a pleasant evening of wining, dining and dancing, she finally put her worn-out Grandad to bed.

Rumour has it that she was trying to ask where the nearest ladies Lodge is, but Grandad was already snoring away !

On a less frivolous note – the weekend was a great success, and though lower in numbers than in recent years, the lodge raised in excess of £600 for the WM’s charity, the Isabel Hospice in Welwyn Garden City.

The Lodge has already reached Vice Patron status in The 2020 Festival, and is currently busy planning activities to try and achieve a higher goal.

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