Last Samba in Harrow

W. Bro David Pearson reflects on a Brother returning to his native land –

Officers of HTiU at the November 2019 Ceremony. Ivan (4th from right back row) with his Proposer into Freemasonry, W Bro Darren Winfield, on his left. His Seconder was W Bro Nigel Codron PSGD PAPGM (2nd left front row) Bro Ronak Paw (5th from left back row)

Brother Ivan Martelosso of Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge, No. 1310 hit the Middlesex headlines when he was the first Middlesex Mason to visit a Lodge in the newly established Grand Lodge of Parana in Brazil, which is his home Province.

Brother Ivan was featured in a story about his visit home to Brazil in December 2018.

Following his own Raising in November that year, Ivan was visiting family in Brazil for Christmas and the New Year and he was keen to be able to undertake some Masonic visits in his home country.

For that purpose, however, a Grand Lodge Certificate would be necessary, so that the required arrangements could be made with the relevant Brazilian Grand Lodge.

With generous co-operation all round that was achieved and Ivan made his first Lodge visits as a Master Mason while he was in Brazil. (

Since then he has progressed to the office of Junior Deacon and has shown immense promise for the future.

Regrettably, he has now been faced with the need to return to Brazil to help his siblings care for their parents, whose health has taken a downturn.

Ivan will move back to Brazil in January with his own immediate family.

The Lodge is desperately sorry to lose Ivan, but warmly applauds the difficult decision he has had to make.

Ivan is retaining his membership of HTiU in the short term, albeit as a non-dining member, until he is able to establish himself in Lodge membership in Brazil.

He will always treasure the memories of his introduction to Freemasonry in HTiU and says there will always be a warm Brazilian Masonic welcome for visiting brethren to the Grand Lodge of Parana.

Brother Ivan’s last duty was as Junior Deacon assisting in the Raising of Bro Ronak Paw who joins the ranks of Master Masons in the Lodge, adding strength and entering into the next stage of his personal Masonic experience.

Adeus e boa sorte Irmoã Ivan.

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