London to Brighton Bike Ride – Saturday 23rd June 2018

Brighton Bike Ride 2018

Brethren All,

Now that Spring has sprung and the grass is Riss, it is time to think about getting those bodies in trim from the amount of food and drink which the Christmas and New Year celebration brought, it is time to consider getting the bike out and getting some exercise, especial for a great charity.

Please consider getting involved in this year’s ride on Saturday 23rd June 2018 and once again helping the charity for this year, which is The 2020 Festival

I have attached a registration forms to this email for your information and attention.

If you have a friend, Masonic or not, who wishes to get involved, please invite them to take part in the ride, the more the merrier.

Let’s make this year, a special year for us all and the deserving recipients of our Charity collection.

Very best wishes,

Peter Lawrence

Download a copy of the Registration Form HERE

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