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W. Bro Ronald Douglas Brickell PPrJGW and PPrGSN

Amazingly generous bequest to Charities by a Middlesex Mason – The legacy of W. Bro Ronald Douglas Brickell PPrJGW (Middlesex) and PPrGSN (Middlesex) – Holy Royal Arch.

At our Initiation we may recall that we are received poor and penniless and that the distinguishing characteristic of a Freemason’s heart is Charity.

Masons work tirelessly to improve life around them in a variety of ways.

One such Brother certainly put these principles to the test.

Not only in life did he fulfil his Masonic obligations in both the Middlesex Craft and Holy Royal Arch, he left a superb legacy on death.

W. Bro Ron Brickell who died last year in the Prince Michael of Kent Home certainly lived by the principle of Charity even unto death.

Ron became a Mason in 1949 aged 23.

He was Initiated in the Province of Surrey into Royal Kingston Lodge, No 5377, where he remained a Member for a substantial number of years.

In the meantime he had become a Joining Member of St Clair Lodge, No 2902 in 1960 and was still a subscribing Member until his death in September 2017.

His Craft career in St Clair saw him as Worshipful Master in 1974 and 1999 with his first honours in 1982 when he was appointed to PrAGReg.

Subsequent promotion saw him as PPrGChStwd, PPrGSuptWks and finally as PPrJGW.

No mean achievement which was mirrored somewhat in the Holy Royal Arch.

It was some time after becoming a Craft Mason that Ron decided to join the Holy Royal Arch and was exalted into St Clair Chapter, No. 2902, which still meets at Twickenham in 1969.

Once again he showed a strong commitment to taking Office and twice acted as MEZ and took on the role of Scribe E which he did for 8 years.

Ron was given Honorary membership of St Clair Chapter in 2011.

His achievements in the Holy Royal Arch were PPrGStB in 1982, followed by PPrDepGReg, PPrGReg and finally PPrGSN with which he was honored in 2004.

Such was the nature of his generosity that he continued to send a monetary “gift” to the Chapter, which was placed in the Chapter Benevolent Account.

Ron passed away and no doubt mourned by those close to him and remembered with affection by the Members of both St Clair Lodge and Chapter where he had been a stalwart supporter of Freemasonry over a long number of years.

Earlier this year came the news about Ron’s bequest to Charity.

His residual estate was divided into one hundred equal parts some of which was shared amongst family members.

The value of each part was £2,000.

The list of other beneficiaries is like a Litany.

However, below is shown some of those who benefited from W. Bro Ron’s exceeding generosity:

• Latymer Upper School – £10,000
• Prince Michael of Kent Court – £10,000
• St Dunstan’s (now known as the Blind Veterans Charity) – £2,000
• British Legion – £2,000
• The Salvation Army – £2,000
• Great Ormond Street – £2,000
• The Star & Garter Home – £2,000
• The Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice – £2,000
• Sargent Cancer Care for Children – £2,000
• MacMillan Cancer Support Fund – £2,000
• Cancer Research UK – £2,000
• The RSPCA – £2,000
• Hillingdon Hospital – £2,000
• The British Heart Foundation – £2,000
• The Mental Health Foundation – £2,000
• Michael Sobell House – £2,000
• RNLI – £2,000

Even to the end W. Bro Ron had Middlesex Charities in mind, as well as the Prince Michael of Kent Home in Watford where he sadly ended his days.

Of course, his executors would have ensured that these sums were paid to the beneficiaries, some of whom may not have been aware that it was a gift from a Freemason, who even after his death was committed to making people happy.

He lived and died according to his Masonic precepts and no doubt blessed those that received as well receiving a blessing himself in the Grand Lodge above.

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