Lodge of Harmony – still slightly out of tune

The Members of Lodge of Harmony, No. 255 must have been extremely disappointed at the turn of events on the Tuesday 17th March.

The Lodge has a history dating back to 1785.

One of its Founder Members, Thomas Dunkerley, was a prolific Freemason at the time, being Provincial Grand Master of several Provinces and was also responsible for the creation of the Province of Bristol, with all its Lodges meeting apparently being held in the same building.

Not only that, but he was prominent as a Royal Arch Mason.

Notwithstanding this outstanding lineage, Lodge of Harmony has had difficulty in attracting new members.

The Ceremony of Initiation, which if it had been conducted on the evening, would have been the first Initiation since 2015; the previous Initiation having been carried out in 2011.

This might be considered a double blow, as the Candidate had been a referral through the New Members Seminar.

The events on the 17th are now firmly etched on our minds and will certainly go down in the annals of freemasonry.

Although everyone was willing to be there, the darker forces of Covid19 played out a different Agenda.

Hopefully the Candidate will still maintain an enthusiasm to join Middlesex Masonry and no doubt the Lodge Members are keen to get their “masonic song” back in tune.

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