“Huggy” the Home Helper !

W Bro Paul Huggins enjoying a socially distanced cup of tea

Charity takes various forms and apart from monetary donations to good causes, which are always welcome, there are other ways in which help can be given to others.

Imagine that you are caring for your elderly mother, who is mentally frail, with mobility difficulties, you have to be there all the time as Carer.

Then Covid 19 shows up and what might have been a regular shopping trip to the supermarket, now means reliance on timed slots for home delivery ordered online.

You are now in competition, it seems, with the whole of the country for a slot.

The supermarket offers you a click and collect facility.

All well and good, but you don’t drive, or own a car !!

Such was the dilemma of W Bro Sam Baqui PPrDepGReg, who as registered full-time carer for his Mother, has a major duty of care.

Sam is a member of Lodge of Harmony, No. 255, which meets at Cole Court.

But Sam is a Middlesex Mason.

To the rescue another Middlesex Mason, W Bro Paul Huggins PSGD APGM.

Paul and Sam live in Finchley, North London and it was during a telephone conversation between them that inspired Paul to offer to pick up the groceries from Tesco and leave them on Sam’s door step.

A quick cup of socially distanced tea and Paul was on his way.

This was a wonderful gesture to assist a Brother in distress and when the same situation applied a few weeks later, Paul was once again able to help.

Sam and his Mother have been overwhelmed by this gesture.

This sets an example of what we might be able to do as men and more particularly as Masons.

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