Many hands make light work !

Luke and Frank Brown

It’s not often these days that a lodge has to complain about membership levels.

At least, not in any positive sense !

But that’s certainly the case with Richmond Hill Lodge, No. 6698.

While the rest of us are creaking around on our Zimmer Frames, recycling all the Officers and wondering what Office we’ll get saddled with next, they’ve had a good run of attracting new Candidates.

So much so, in fact, that they can’t keep up with the Ceremonies.

To get their Initiates in quickly, and get their Entered Apprentices and Fellow Crafts through their respective Degrees at a reasonable pace, they looked around for a Lodge to help out.

Step up Lodge of Harmony, No. 255.

To assist Richmond Hill, they agreed to host a Raising for Bro. Luke Brown, a Project Manager who lives in Hampton.

Now – as stated above, many hands make light work. Only in this case, they didn’t. As it was a Raising, they turned ‘em all off !

But there was an abundance of experience in the persons of Members of Richmond Hill Lodge, which couldn’t be concealed by the dim lighting.

So they quickly got down to the serious business of reminding this young man of his own mortality, and the very limited and finite time we all have on this earth, in order to make a contribution for good.

(l to r) W Bro Patrick Gray, Bro Luke Brown, W Bro Colin Howard

The Ceremony was of the very highest quality and Bro. Luke will surely come to appreciate as he himself becomes a more experienced Mason.

The WM of Richmond Hill, W. Bro Colin Howard, took the Chair for the first half of the Ceremony.

Bro. Colin is a Member of the Lodge of Emulation at Freemasons Hall, so well-versed indeed in the Ritual.

W. Bro Patrick Gray, PJGD, PPrAGDC (Surrey), took the Chair for the 2nd half of the Ceremony and the Traditional History.

And if that wasn’t enough excellence for one night, W. Bro Steven Phillips PProvGStwd acted as Senior Deacon for the evening.

During the Ceremony, in a very poignant moment, Luke was presented with his Grandfather’s MM apron by the SW of Lodge of Harmony, W. Bro Alan Orchard.

Luke’s Grandfather, W. Bro Frank Brown was his Proposer into Freemasonry, and I am sure that Luke will wear that apron with pride and affection until he, in turn, will hopefully pass it on to his own son, or grandson.

(l to r) W Bro R Mike King, Bro Luke Brown, W Bro Colin Howard

Finally, to round off the Ceremony, the WM of Lodge of Harmony W. Bro. Mike King, PPrAGDC presented the Working Tools of the 3rd degree to Bro. Luke.

Now entitled to take his seat in any Lodge of Master Masons, it won’t be too long before Luke is himself sitting in the Chair of King Solomon, dispensing joy and wisdom to other Initiates, Fellow Crafts and Master Masons.

There was a very convivial Festive Board afterwards, at which 32 diners enjoyed good food, good wine, and good company.


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