Bushey Park Lodge – Absent Brethren

Every Saturday since the 16th May last year, the first meeting actually lost due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Brethren of Bushey Park Lodge, No. 2381 have religiously joined in a 9 o’ Clock Toast.

That will be 36 times so far with number 37 coming up on Saturday 23rd January.

This is a great achievement as more than ever we need to embrace each other, albeit virtually for the time being.

The Lodge members, as reported by Secretary, W Bro Paul Hilditch PProvJGW, have been busy with regular Zoom meetings to discuss items of business as well as additional interim online get togethers.

At one such recent meeting one of the Lodge members gave a talk on the restoration, repair and cleaning of clocks.

This skill was put to good use as he was able to raise money for Charity as a result – (see pglm.org.uk/l2381-time-piece)

So, next Saturday at 9 o’ Clock raise a glass and join with the Brethren of Bushey Park Lodge in a toast to Absent Brethren:

Let us think of those who were not able to join us today,

Those we know to be unwell and those occupied with other things.

Let us think of those we know who have suffered the effects of the virus and those who are in self isolation.

Let us think of those who have suffered either directly or indirectly as a result of the virus.

Let us think of all our Absent Brethren who have past to the Grand Lodge above and are now in the care of the Great

Architect of The Universe.

Finally let us all give thanks that vaccinations have been developed and that in due time we will be able to be protected by them.

Never has the 9 o’ Clock Toast been more poignant:

To all poor and distressed freemasons,
Wherever they may be,
On the land, on the sea or in the air.
A speedy relief from their afflictions,
And a safe return to their native land,
If they so desire.

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