Bushey Park Lodge Laments a Lost Brother

(l to r) Gordon Brown with Members of Bushey Park Lodge, No. 2381; with WM; Candle Tribute

The Brethren of Bushey Park Lodge, No. 2381 have lost a Brother of long standing.

This is in itself a tragedy, but with the current restrictions on gatherings, Brethren of the Lodge were unable to attend the interment.

The loss then becomes even more poignant.

W. Bro Gordon Brown JP PPrJGW who died on the 6th March 2020, aged 94 years, had been a Freemason for more than sixty years and regularly attended the Lodge until old age and frailty took their toll.

Brother Gordon then became a resident at a Nursing home in Woking, Surrey.

Working in the shipping industry this took him to different parts of the United Kingdom including the West Country and Scotland.

He never missed a Lodge meeting and this is testimony to a strong and determined Masonic spirit.

His 60 years as a Freemason was celebrated by Members of the Lodge who descended on the Kettlewell House Nursing Home where his Certificate was presented on behalf of the APGM, who was unavoidably detained at work, by the Lodge Visiting Officer W. Bro Bill Ryan.

Frequent visits were made to W. Bro Gordon by the Lodge Almoner and other masonic friends.

Latterly he was given Honorary membership of the Lodge.

His father had also been a member of the Lodge and under these sad circumstances a link with the Lodge’s past has been irrevocably lost.

On Monday 30th March the Lodge members were encouraged to say their private farewells and light a candle at midday as a tribute to a Brother of high esteem.

Below is a prayer which the Brethren might silently and privately invoke the Great Architect of the Universe:

We give thanks to the World’s Great Architect for the life and work of our Brother Gordon Brown.

We trust that he now resides with you in those Immortal Mansions of the Grand Lodge Above, where in due time we hope to be united with him.

We ask you to look kindly on his remaining earthly family at this time and also on his wide circle of friends and Brethren comforting them in their loss.

Finally we ask that your Blessings will comfort and protect us all at this trying time”

So Mote it Be.

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