Lockdown or Lock Out

Bro Sam Devine of Citadel Lodge, No. 1897

A Younger Mason in Middlesex

Imagine, you have been in the Craft not yet one year and eagerly anticipate the Ceremony of your Raising, but your expectation is dashed due to the circumstances we find ourselves in.

This is the dilemma of a young mason in Middlesex, Bro Sam Devine of Citadel Lodge, No. 1897 who was Initiated in May 2019.

However, Bro Sam is persevering and in the meantime is actively engaging with members of his Lodge through web meetings and has taken on the role of Media Representative for the Lodge to pass on information, pictures and videos of Zoom meetings, events and other engagements in the Lodge that may be of interest to the Provincial Media Team.

Not bad for a Fellow Craft.

The Introduction to Freemasonry 

Sam was introduced to Freemasonry by a good friend of his father who encouraged him to become a mason.

He began his association by attending a Ladies night a few years prior to his joining Citadel Lodge.

It all started then and, although he had no understanding, or prior knowledge of freemasonry, he enjoyed the atmosphere and felt this was part of something quite significant.

Bro Sam’s situation is more “Lock Out”.

Not being able to attend the physical Lodge meetings no doubt has had an impact, but by engaging with “online” gatherings of the Lodge members this will keep him well within the fold.

He has been fortunate to have been gainfully employed by Tesco on a temporary basis during Lockdown.

His work background since leaving school has been working in engineering based jobs in the IT and security systems industries.

His future plan is to become a Civil Engineer but will need a University qualification.

In the meantime he intends to complete an Engineering Diploma Course at College which will no doubt assist in gaining entry to an Engineering Degree.

Sound Judgement and Strict Morals 

It is always refreshing to welcome younger men into Freemasonry and at the age of 23 Sam has a lifetime ahead of him in the Craft.

No doubt he will encourage his friends to share the masonic journey with him, especially if they were seeking to make improvements in themselves, in their confidence and in their ability to take part collectively in a community of men of different ages, backgrounds, personalities and walks of life.

No doubt the attributes of freemasonry will enhance those characteristics of sound judgement and strict morality which will distinguish them in society.

Fortunately, Sam feels very comfortable in the company of mature men and is fortunate to have the support and encouragement of the Lodge members at this very early stage of his masonic life.

So Bro Sam, lets hope that the Lock Out will soon be over and that you will get back on track.

No doubt the Brethren of Middlesex will join in congratulating you on your appointment as Media Representative for Citadel Lodge, No. 1897 and wish you a successful masonic career in the future.

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