Citadel’s Santa

Bro Sam Devine of Citadel Lodge, No. 1897

A year on and Citadel Lodge’s Santa in the person of Bro Sam Devine once again does the Christmas rounds in Harrow.

This is the second year that Sam has been helping W Bro John Briggs, Provincial Grand Charity Steward in distributing “good cheer” to Senior Citizens who would in normal circumstances be treated to a magnificent lunch at the Harrow Masonic Centre.

The weather did not disappoint and being cold and wet made it feel like the right time of year.

Covid has once again interfered with the best laid plans and the Christmas lunch could not take place.

However, to avoid any disappointment Sam and John took to the roads and distributed 35 Christmas hampers.

This brought great delight to the recipients but was slightly tinged with sadness as two other pensioners had passed away since last December.

The important thing is that the Christmas tradition of Citadel Lodge, No. 1897 continues unabated and unmoved by the current Covid situation.

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