Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine

Royal Hanover Lodge, No. 1777 sponsor Christmas Day Lunch for those alone –

For more than 20 years “Churches Together in Whitton” (Twickenham) has offered a lunch to those who are alone on Christmas Day as part of an ongoing commitment to supporting the local community.

For the last 5 years Royal Hanover Lodge, No. 1777 has been one of the main sponsors of this event the other being the Twickenham Rotary Club.

The guests, who are not necessarily churchgoers, or Christians, were collected from their homes during mid-morning and taken to the lunch.

After watching the Queen’s speech on television they were returned home, each guest also receiving a “goody bag” of luxuries for them to enjoy over the festive season.

The entire event is organised by volunteers who gave up their time on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to arrange catering, set up the room, cook the food, provide live musical entertainment, wait on the guests at lunch and provide transport for them.

Potential guests are identified from links to local GPs, Social Services and others known through the churches who might otherwise spend Christmas alone.

Royal Hanover Lodge doing what freemasons do best, which is to offer relief to those most in need, especially at Christmas.

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