A Middlesex Mason In Oz

W Bro Simon Huggins (Roger’s sponsor) and Bro Roger Tang

Imagine you are a newly fledged freemason and are just to embark upon your Middlesex masonic career when the opportunity comes up to travel to Australia and continue your studies at the University of Queensland where the sun always shines, and the fridges are full of 4 XXXX Australian beer.

Such was the dilemma of Brother Roger Tang, who had been newly Initiated into Royal Hanover Lodge, No. 1777 on the 2nd June 2017.

Being an Engineering graduate he was keen to expand his experience by furthering his studies in Queensland, Australia especially in the mining sector.

This would possibly have meant that his journey in freemasonry would have been curtailed at an early stage.

However, we are taught that ours is a widely extended society with thousands ranged under its banner and is spread over the four quarters of the globe.

Upon hearing that Roger was to leave for Australia, the members of Royal Hanover Lodge were keen to ensure there was no loss of continuity in Roger’s Masonic career development, especially as he had taken the first regular step with great confidence, and they wanted to make certain he was supported in taking his subsequent steps.

Fortunately for Brother Roger he was given a personal introduction to Camp Hill Lodge, No. 388 in the Grand Lodge of Queensland, where W. Bro Paul Huggins’ PSGD APGM brother, also a Middlesex Mason, was a member.

G’ Day Brother Mate –

The Festive Board with “tinnies” at hand !

So, fortuitously an introduction was made by Paul Huggins’ brother Simon and Brother Roger was welcomed into his new Lodge by the Worshipful Master and Brethren and will in due course be Passed and Raised in his new masonic environment.

In the meantime the Worshipful Master and Brethren of Royal Hanover Lodge, No. 1777 look forward his safe return from his sojourn overseas to continue his path in Middlesex Masonry.

Camp Hill Lodge is apparently very friendly with many activities involving families which are enjoyed by the wives and children of the Lodge members.

If you just happen to be in Queensland, you will be sure of a big welcome.

Don’t be put off by the fact that it has an area of 1,853 million Sq kms.

However, the capital, Brisbane, is flanked by the surfing beaches of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

You might just be able to fit a Lodge Meeting in.

Download a copy of the Cornerstone Newsletter reporting the arrival of Bro Roger Tang into Camp Hill Lodge HERE

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