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A kind of Masonic nepotism at Era Lodge, No. 1423

the proud Grandfather, pictured with his three Grandsons

What would it be like at the Festive Board, if all you heard around you were greetings like “W Bro Cousin”, “W Bro Grandad”, “W Bro Brother-in-Law” ?

This might be described as a kind of positive masonic nepotism.

How many Lodges can so proudly boast the number of family members and friends related to and associated with W Bro Ray Whitley.

Ray himself was Initiated into Era Lodge on 9th June 1984, becoming Worshipful Master in 1992 and again in 2005.

The current Master, W Bro Phil Cooper, was delighted to hand over the Chair of King Solomon to Ray for a fairly unique and very special occasion on the 12th of October 2019.

This is who did what – Spot the nepotism –

– WM – W Bro Ray Whitley – WM for the ceremony of Initiation

– SW – W Bro Steve Whitley – Steve is Ray’s younger brother, and Era Lodge Chaplain, who travelled down from Peterborough

– JW – W Bro Gwyn Williams – Gwyn is Ray’s Brother in Law and Era Lodge Mentor

– SD – Should have been Bro Connor Field, Ray’s grandson, but was unavoidably detained elsewhere on the night

– DC – W Bro Ken Fennel – life-long friend of Ray and his family

– IG – Bro Chris Whitley another family member

.. and as if to prove that a good Lodge can’t have enough Whitleys – Jay Whitley, another of Ray’s Grandsons, was the Initiate.

Add to all those Bro Cameron Field (another Grandson) of United Progress Lodge, No. 9336 in Hampshire and you can see the passion that this family has for Freemasonry.

The current WM, W Bro Phil Cooper completed what must have been a spectacular and emotional Initiation Ceremony for the candidate, with the White Glove ritual.

W Bro Bob Spooner, another family friend from Berkshire, rounded off the evening with a rendition of the Initiate Chain at the Festive Board.

No doubt the Lodge and its members will look forward with interest to see how many Whitley’s relatives, maybe even great-grandsons and friends will be present on the night where our new Initiate of 12th October is placed in the Chair of King Solomon himself thus continuing the strong chain of masonic dedication and duty set forth by W Bro Ray.

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