Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge, No. 1310 – Rule of Six

W Bro David Pearson PProvGsec gives the following report of the Harrow Temple in Unity Meeting recently held amidst the new ruling.

Members of Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge, No. 1310 at their Meeting on 18th February 2020 – Pre Covid !

On the warm and sultry afternoon of the 15th September 2020 the Lodge held its first meeting of the new Masonic season at the Harrow Centre strictly in compliance with the Rule of Six restrictions.

The installation meeting scheduled for May had been lost by the suspension of all Masonic activity.

That meant the WM continued in office for the ensuing year, but in February a new Treasurer had been elected and needed to be invested.

Having been the Lodge Secretary he had to stand down from that role and a new Secretary appointed and invested.

There were also three changes in Junior Offices resulting from the return to his family home in Brazil of the Junior Deacon – Brother Ivan Martelosso.

These changes could not formally be recorded at Province and Grand Lodge until the Installation returns had been completed and submitted.

It was particularly important to ensure that the new Treasurer and Secretary were officially recognised.

Full marks to the Harrow Centre for its organisation of rooms and seating to comply with all the social distancing rules.

The six of us gathered in Temple 3, suited, booted and masked and the meeting was conducted smoothly, efficiently and rapidly, the last of which to ensure we could escape as soon as was reasonably dignified the warm and humid climate of the small Mark Temple to chat amicably in the relevantly fresh air of the car park before departure.

Regrettably, no photos were taken to add spice to this story.

The Lodge became 150 years old this year: the original Harrow Lodge, No. 1310 being one of the first few Lodges to be consecrated after the formation of the Province.

In 2010 Harrow Lodge amalgamated with Unity & Friendship Lodge, No. 8224 and Temple of Harrow Lodge, No. 8287, that triple amalgamation being the first and so far the only one in the Province’s history.

Regrettably, the 150th anniversary celebration meeting of Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge had to be foregone in May, along with dedication of the new banner created for the amalgamated Lodge.

It is hope that times will improve in the next few months to permit those celebrations to be enjoyed.

Whilst the rest of Middlesex Brethren were dodging the virus, W Bro David was relaxing in pastures green in Canada. Enjoy David, snow is forecast.

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