Third Initiate in 12 months for Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge, No. 1310

Proposer Initiate WM Seconder

Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge, No. 1310 meeting at Harrow District Masonic Centre Initiated its 3rd Candidate in 12 months at the September meeting.

Due to a clash of dates with a Jewish festival, attendance was low and a requirement for an acting WM, acting SW, acting JW and acting JD.

These Offices were filled respectively by W. Bros David Pearson, Nigel Codron, David Windsor and Justin Purcell, all experienced Masons, who ensured a first-class Ceremony for the new Member, Kishan Nathwani, including a faultless delivery of The Charge from W. Bro Justin Purcell.

WM Wardens Initiate

Kishan was Proposed by Bro Ronak Paw, who himself had only been Initiated last November.

The Working Tools were presented by Bro Ronak.

A few days after the Ceremony Bro Kishan said, “I joined the Freemasons having attended a few social functions and quickly became intrigued by the journey that may lay ahead.

From the wonderful charity commitments to meeting new people from all different walks of life, not to mention embarking on a new challenge to which for me felt the perfect time in my life.

For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s the challenge of facing the unknown. Not knowing what is coming next.

The day of Initiation itself is now somewhat a blur. Even though it was just a few days ago, it felt almost surreal, like I was almost playing a game, although you knew it was a little more serious.

It has certainly left me wanting more !

What I can remember is simply smiling my way through the Initiation, and from that I must have been having fun !

If I could encourage anyone from my first experiences, I would most certainly do so.

All the people I have met so far have been very welcoming, making me feel like family from day one.

W. Bro Nigel Codron SGD APGM said afterwards that he and the Brethren of Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge looked forward to seeing all of these young men progress onwards in their masonic career.

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