Go Forth And Multiply !

Middlesex Amalgamated Lodge Continues to Thrive –

Bro Aybakar with the Acting WM, officers of the Lodge and the visitors from Grand Lodge

At every Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge we hear of at least one Lodge that wants to surrender its warrant in order to amalgamate with another Lodge.

Sceptics and pessimists abound, who are quick to tell one that amalgamations don’t work.

Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge, No. 1310 is doing all it can to prove them wrong.

This is an amalgamation of three Lodges, Harrow Lodge, No. 1310, Unity and Friendship Lodge, No. 8224 and Temple of Harrow Lodge, No. 8287, which was effected on 25th January 2011 and now looks forward to celebrating its 150th anniversary in May 2020 (Harrow Lodge was founded in 1870).

Since the amalgamation the Lodge has acquired 4 joining members and 7 Initiates, the latest of whom, Bro Ali Islaw Aybakar, was initiated on 17 September 2019 in a splendid ceremony at the Harrow Centre.

The meeting was notable for the presence of six brethren from Grand Lodge, four of them Grand Officers, including W Bro Nigel Codron PSGD, PAProvGM, who was acting WM for the meeting in the unavoidable absence of the incumbent Master, W Bro Laurence Davidson.

Bro Aybakar came to the Lodge via the Provincial Membership Officer’s interview process; he had attended several social functions of the Lodge as part of a year-long exercise to develop mutual understanding with the Lodge members.

The accompanying photograph shows Bro Aybakar with the Acting WM, officers of the Lodge and the visitors from Grand Lodge.

The Initiation was conducted with great sincerity, no little flair and a large slice of good humour.

Following the meeting the brethren of the Lodge and their guests enjoyed a convivial Festive Board which completed the welcome of Bro Aybakar into the Lodge with genuine warmth.

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