The Feeding With The Five Thousand

Using the above New Testament Biblical analogy, this gratifying report has been received from W Bro David Pearson PProvGSec of Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge, No.1310 on response to the Province’s Covid-19 Appeal.

“During the lockdown, the Brethren of Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge, No. 1310 have been keeping in touch via emails and WhatsApp messages as well as setting up arrangements for a series of virtual meetings of the Lodge of Instruction via Zoom.

During the first of those meetings the Brethren discussed the Middlesex Covid-19 Relief Appeal and agreed to make a special donation from its Relief Chest of £5,000, which will assist in the provision of meals to the hungry and needy.

Charity Steward W Bro Darren Winfield immediately put the necessary action in hand and it has confirmed that the Masonic Charitable Foundation has completed the action.

The Lodge is pleased to have been able to provide solid support to the tremendous efforts of all those involved at the Harrow Centre”.

Desperate times require desperate measures.

In this cased the generosity of the members of Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge has gone beyond that which might be expected, except these are desperate times no less.

It is during times of distress that we show our best side as men and in this case also as Masons.


Middlesex Covid Relief Appeal

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