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50 Years a Middlesex Mason – and never lived in Middlesex !

Members of Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge, No. 1310 marking W Bro Malcolm Gwyn 50 years as a Middlesex Freemason, together with the newly Passed FC, Bro Ali Aybakar

The brethren of Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge, No. 1310 (HTiU)were delighted to celebrate at the Lodge meeting on 18th February 2020 the belated award to W Bro Malcolm Gwyn, the current JW of the Lodge, of a certificate marking his 50 years as a Middlesex Freemason.

Malcolm was Initiated as a Lewis into Abercorn Lodge, No. 1549 on 5th June 1969, having been Proposed by his father and Seconded by his adoptive grandfather; his natural grandfather, also a Freemason, having died when Malcolm was 6 years old.

All three of them were members of Abercorn Lodge.

Malcolm had been interviewed at Harrow District Masonic Centre (HDMC) early in 1969, but before his Initiation, the Bank of England transferred him to Leeds.

With the complicity of the then Agent of the Leeds Branch, himself also a Freemason, Malcolm flew to Heathrow to be driven to Harrow for his Initiation.

A Quirk of Fate –

By an odd quirk of fate, Malcolm has never lived in Middlesex during his Masonic career.

He has resided in Leeds for 42 years after 5 years in Hazelmere & Chesham, Buckinghamshire and 3 in Balsall Common, West Midlands.

Malcolm joined HTiU Lodge in September 2013 following the sad closure and erasure of Abercorn Lodge.

He has been in office for at least 40 years.

This record of service comes as no surprise to the brethren, because since he joined the Lodge he has thrown himself enthusiastically into any task he has undertaken, even to the extent of deputising for the WM at the Ladies’ Festival weekend last September.

Malcolm’s enthusiasm is also amply demonstrated by his regular attendance at Lodge meetings and Officers’ Night LoI meetings despite living in West Yorkshire.

His diligence has been rewarded by the Province with appointments and promotions up to his current rank of PPrJGW.

Pillar of the Community –

Freemasonry is not the only way of life that benefits from Malcolm’s enthusiasm and dedication to service.

He serves as a Foundation Governor for Birkenshaw Church of England Primary School, which is attended by two of his grandchildren.

He has also been a supporter for many years of St Luke’s Hospice, Kenton Grange, for which he secured a donation of £5,300.00 from Abercorn Lodge before its closure.

Other charity work is focused in Leeds, where he is a Founder, Trustee and Board Member of LEAP, formerly the Leeds Enterprise Advisory Programme, which is an educational charity established, at the request of a number of Leeds schools, by six friends and colleagues.

There is no doubt this presentation represents an acknowledgement of esteemed service to Freemasonry in general and to the Masonic Province of Middlesex in particular.

A grateful thanks to W. Bro David Pearson PPrGSec for this report.

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