Middlesex Mason does a runner !

W. Bro Darren Winfield, PPJGD

To get up at 5.00am in the morning, travel to London on the 6.20am train and then run 10 kilometres (about 6 miles) for Charity might mean to some people that you needed a special kind of therapy.

But Middlesex Masons need no such treatments.

This is normal behaviour for a lot of us.

So, W. Bro Darren Winfield, PPJGD and member of Harrow in Unity Lodge, No. 1310, Prince Michael of Kent Lodge, No. 9120 and Unity and Friendship Chapter, No. 8224, made his way to Trafalgar Square to join over 10,000 other participants on a warm day all working with their particular Charity partners.

This took place on Sunday July 21st 2019.

Darren’s chosen Charity was the Stoke Mandeville based WheelPower the birthplace of the Paralympic Movement.

WheelPower is at the heart of wheelchair sport providing opportunities for disabled people to get into sport and lead active lives.

This is a Charity which has received much support from Middlesex Masons.

W. Bro Darren was by now in full “get up and go mode” and after shuffling up to the starting line began his run.

Like a swarm of ants he and the multitudes headed for Piccadilly Circus, onward to the Thames and returning through Parliament Square and with a surge of extra vim and vigour weaved his way through the slower runners crossing the line in 49.06 minutes and seconds, which was a personal best for him in a 10 Kilometre run.

Not only that he managed to raise over £300 with donations from Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge No 1310 and Unity and Friendship Chapter No 8224.

There were a few other runners, including Middlesex Masons Jim Dyett and Tim Wright who used this event as part of their Land Sea and in the Air sponsor event.

W. Bro Jim Dyett, who many will know, was suddenly struck blind some time ago and has stuck rigidly with his freemasonry by not refusing to let his disablement get the better of him.

He has taken part in the 10k run (land), a sea canoe event (Sea) and shortly will participate in an air zip run (air), which will be reported on in the near future.

Mention also must be given to W. Bro Tim Wright who has been Jim’s mentor in these events.

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