Never too late to Celebrate – Triple whammy for Villiers Lodge, No. 1194

L to R – W. Bro John Murphy (Lodge Secretary); Bro Christopher Murphy; WM W. Bro David Blithing

Villiers Lodge, No. 1194 who meet at Twickenham District Masonic centre was Consecrated in October 1867 and very proudly celebrated 150 years of existence in 2017.

This celebration reached its peak when VW Bro. Simon Thoday, PProvDepGM, led the Provincial delegation to participate and congratulate the Lodge and its Brethren on reaching such a milestone.

VW Bro. Simon Thoday, who recently passed to the Grand Lodge above, was an Honorary Member of the Lodge, and is very sadly missed by all the Brethren.

The Lodge holds a very special position, in being one of the Founder Lodges of the Province of Middlesex.

The Lodge has also achieved Grand Patron Status for The 2020 Festival and are well on their way to achieving Platinum Grand Patron Status, which will be a great accomplishment.

W Bro. John Murphy, the Lodge Secretary, held the office of Worshipful Master when they celebrated their 150th Anniversary in 2017 and it was an even more memorable year for him as he Initiated his son, Christopher.

He recently had the opportunity to Raise him to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.

Exhorted to learn the liberal arts and sciences, Brother Christopher is doing just that and is currently studying at Exeter University for his Master of Arts in History.

So a triple celebration for the Lodge as such, having recently reached the Lodge’s 150th Anniversary, accompanied by achieving Grand Patron 2020 Festival Status, and perhaps the icing on the cake for W. Bro John Murphy was being participant in the Raising of his son, which is a great moment to celebrate, as it marks the beginning of all the possibilities in a Brother’s masonic career.

Villiers Lodge is going from strength to strength as they welcome Joining Members.

They recently balloted for a new Candidate.

The Lodge will also be donating further funds to The 2020 Festival as well as to local charities.

To see a Lodge with such longevity is heart-warming and no doubt will set the standard for others in achieving great things as they look forward to the future.

It’s never too late to celebrate and congratulations to the Brethren of Villiers Lodge for their recent achievements.

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