Middlesex Mingling – Keeping In Touch

With the current difficulties of masonic shutdown in the Province, some Lodges are coming up with other ways to communicate with each other.

This may take the form of video conferencing, or sharing news via WhatsApp, or a Facebook Group.

There are downloads which will enable Brethren to keep in touch by chatting together on-line and keeping abreast of Lodge or Chapter matters but at a distance.

This will also enable Lodge members to look out for those who are more vulnerable.

The techies in your unit will know how to organise this and online conversations are almost as good as the “real thing”.

W. Bro Nigel Harris-Cooksley, Secretary of North Harrow Lodge, No. 6557, reported that the Lodge had recently held its first ever GP Meeting, which had been conducted using Zoom Video conferencing with fourteen members able to participate.

They were able to decide on donations to support Harrow District Masonic Centre, as had been suggested by the Pro Provincial Grand Master, also to Harrow Young Carers.

They also discussed matters relating to the way forward for the Lodge in the coming months.

As W. Bro Nigel said, “it’s worth a try”.

As reported by W. Bro Ian Mitchell of Byron Lodge the use of WhatsApp is facilitating contact between members and exchanging funny photos and videos.

It’s very easy to manage and you need one person who knows what they are doing and the others only need to download the App on their smartphone and provided the organiser has your mobile number, you can be invited to join the Group. Sorted.


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