Jim’s Wheelpower Wanderings

Many Middlesex Masons will know W. Bro Jim Dyett PPrSGD, PProv1st GSoj for his fundraising activities for Wheelpower, despite his blindness.

In 2019 he took part in the 10k run and was assisted by Bro Tim Wright in navigating the course.

Ready for the off this year, Jim’s planned involvement has been curtailed by lock down and by the abandonment of the event on July 5th.

True to his masonic spirit Brother, Jim will do his own thing to raise much needed cash for the Wheelpower Charity, but instead of a 10km run (approx. 6 miles) he has decided to do a 20km (12miles) walk around his garden at home.

This will be 667 laps of his garden.

Jim’s wife Sue will ensure fair play and count the laps has he goes round.

Bro Jim is acutely aware that the Charity will lose out big time by the cancellation of these events and that is what has prompted him to do it.

A Statement from the Chairman –

Martin McElhattom MBE, who is the Chairman of Wheelpower, has applauded Middlesex Masons and made the following statement, “Although we are not able to organise our events at the moment, we are providing support for our beneficiaries through a range of on line resources aimed at keeping them active, helping them to maintain their physical and mental health, as well as reducing their feelings of isolation by being connected to WheelPower.

Over the next few months we will continue to release a series of new resources including seated yoga and fitness videos to name just two, which are a fun way for disabled people to stay involved and active.

Our facilities at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, whilst closed in line with Government guidelines, are being used by Buckinghamshire Council for adult social care, alleviating pressure on the NHS and our neighbours at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

He thanked the Province of Middlesex Thank for the continued support of the efforts to transform the lives of disabled people through sport and physical activity.

Brother Jim is asking Brethren to support him in this wonderful endeavour which is not for the feint hearted . He has opened up a justgiving fundraising opportunity for masonic friends in the Province and elsewhere to support this worthy cause. Click the ink to give:


If Brother Jim had been around when Rudyard Kipling was writing Gunga Din perhaps that famous line might have read, “You’re a better man than I am Jim Dyett”.

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