Jim’s 10k Jaunt

W Bros Jim Dyett and Tim Wright

Those Middlesex Masons who are familiar with W Bro Jim Dyett will know him to be a congenial chap.

Nice guy, you will say. But beneath his chest beats a heart that is dedicated to Charity.

You reply, “Well, that goes for a lot of us”.

Yes, but how many of us are registered as severely blind ?

Despite the trauma of losing his sight, Jim is still very much fixated on good works.

Indeed, Jim is to participate in the ASICS London 10 kilometre (6 miles) run on behalf of Wheelpower despite his visual handicap.

He will have a guide to assist him in W Bro Tim Wright both a Metropolitan and Middlesex Mason – www.wheelpower.org.uk/events/asics-london-10k-2021

This event will take place on Sunday 25th July. ( pglm.org.uk/wheelpower-the-big-event )

In his masonic life Jim is also active both in Metropolitan Grand Lodge and in Middlesex.

He has taken part in other physical charity events for both Provinces and these have included the MMSA 11 mile canoe event on the Grand Union Canal in 2019.

Last year during the first lockdown when a number of events were cancelled, Jim, true to his masonic spirit, did his own thing raising much needed cash for the Wheelpower Charity, but instead of a 10km run (approx. 6 miles) he decided to do a 20km (12miles) walk around his garden at home.

That equated to 667 laps of his garden. ( pglm.org.uk/jim-dyett-success )

A Prolific Career –

W Bro Jim Dyett and W Bro Tim Wright

Jim’s masonic career has also been prolific and he has served as Worshipful Master in Surrey (Athelstan Lodge, No. 4771) and in Metropolitan Grand Lodge (Lodge of Integrity, No. 5251 – erased).

In Middlesex he has been Master of Blenheim Park Lodge, No. 8981 (twice) and also Mayo Lodge, No. 1413.

He is currently Master Elect of Gordon Bourne Lodge, No. 9388.

All in all, W Bro Jim has raised approaching £100k in his role as participant in events and also as Charity Steward in his masonic units.

Jim’s rank current Craft rank is PPrSGD and he has also held Active Craft Rank in the Province as ProvGPurs.

In the Holy Royal Arch he has served as ProvGStwd and ProvAGSoj.

Jim is asking for your support in raising much needed funds to assist the amazing work of Wheelpower which has strong links with the Masonic Province of Middlesex.

He has provided a link to www.justgiving.com/James-Dyett2

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