Harrow Deluged

<A report from W. Bro David Pearson PProvSec.

Members of the HDMC Executive Committee were greeted with a major shock on entering the Masonic Centre on Thursday 4th February.

Overnight, the basement had been flooded to a depth of some two feet.

This had been caused by the failure of a sump pump during recent heavy rain resulting in a major ingress of ground water.

The fire service was called and promptly pumped out the water to a safe level and cut off utilities to the Centre.

The Executive Committee of Harrow District Masonic Centre together with specialist contractors, initiated the necessary action to ensure the area was safe and Covid secure.

The basement has for many years been the major storage area for the lockers of Lodges, Chapters and other units using the Centre.

Early meetings with the insurers’ loss adjusters determined that all lockers would have to be opened and contents removed to safe keeping elsewhere in the Centre.

The urgency of the situation meant that there was no time to get hold of keys from units and lockers were forced open as necessary.

Contents have been removed to the Harrow Room and the Centre bar.

Action is well in hand to start drying out the basement and install a new sump pump and back-up.

A specialist restoration company will assess and repair any damaged artefacts.

In the meantime, no-one may enter the Centre without the express permission of the HDMC office, which will issue further briefings as the remedial work progresses.

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