Craft – Guidance Notes for Meetings Under The “Rule Of 6” – updated 18/9/20

These notes are to assist you regarding meetings under the “Rule of 6”

Please take the time to read all these notes

1.  Meetings

You may not cancel or simply not hold a meeting. If you need to change the date of a meeting then you will have to apply for a Dispensation in the usual way.

2. Numbers attending the meeting
The permitted maximum number attending a meeting is 6 (six). The Tyler is NOT included in this number provided he does not partake in the meeting. This would mean that the Tyler may not enter the Lodge once it has been opened and/or if it would mean that there would be more than 6 people in the Temple.

3. Quorum
The minimum number required to hold a Lodge is 5 (five). This must include an Installed Master who is able to open and close the Lodge (see Rule 119, Book of Constitutions). This number can include visitors but does not include the Tyler or any candidate.

If for any reason a quorum cannot be made then the meeting must be abandoned and the fact recorded in the Lodge’s Minute Book.

Board of Installed Masters
Three Installed Masters are required to constitute a Board of Installed Masters (excluding the Master Elect and the Tyler).

4. On-line meetings
• No part of a “called on” tyled meeting may be transmitted in any form;
• If all the members of the Lodge who are physically present at the meeting agree then
the Lodge, having been opened, may be “called off” and, subject to password
protection, transmitted to those members who are not physically present;
• The “on-line” meeting MUST be for the discussion of administrative business ONLY;
• Once the administrative business has been conducted the transmission must be
ended and the Lodge may then be “called on”;
• Once the Lodge is “called on” votes may be taken on any business that was discussed
during the “on-line” transmission. Due regard should be given to the views of those
who are not physically present but who attended the “on-line” transmission;
• Lectures/talks may be given during the “on-line” transmission but subject to the
requirement that no Masonic secret be divulged during the transmission;
• The agreement to hold an “on-line” transmission as part of the Lodge meeting MUST
be recorded in the Minutes.

5. Social Distancing & Face Masks
Social distancing will be maintained at all Masonic Centres and at meetings. Face masks must also be worn at all meetings and in Masonic Centres unless you are exempt from so doing.

6. Festive Boards
As it would not breach HM Government’s “Rule of 6” a Lodge may arrange for a Festive Board for the 6 members (or less) who attended the meeting.

7. Lodges of Instruction
It remains the Province’s recommendation that you do not hold Lodges of Instruction but if you do then the same rules will apply to Lodges of Instruction.

8. Installation meetings
With the “Rule of 6” it may be difficult to envisage how you can hold an Installation meeting.

The following guidelines may help:
(a) The WM is continuing in office for a further year. As he only needs to be proclaimed the
officers required would be: WM, SW, JW, Secretary, DC & IG.

(b) A Past Master is to be inducted. The Officers required would be: WM/IM, Master Elect,
SW, JW, Secretary and DC. The DC could act as IG.

(c) A new Master is to be installed: The same Officers as for a Past Master to be Inducted. T

All of the Officers (apart from the Tyler and a “new” ME) will need to be Past Masters.

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