Rule of Six – Guidance from UGLE & SGC – 14/09/2020

14 September 2020

Brethren and Companions,

Following a meeting of the Craft Rulers and the Standing Committee of the Board of General
Purposes, and in consultation with the Royal Arch Rulers and the President of the Committee of
General Purposes, it has been decided to restrict English Lodge and Chapter meetings to no more
than six attendees. This is in response to the new laws which come into force today, Monday 14

Larger meetings in Covid-19 Secure venues are permitted by the new laws, and this decision was not
taken lightly, but it was felt that it would send entirely the wrong message to our members, and to
the public, if Lodge and Chapter meetings of over six people took place at this time. This position
will be kept under review and further measures will be announced shortly. UGLE and SGC remain
committed to following appropriate official guidance, and to be seen to do so, whilst allowing
individuals, Lodges and Chapters to decide what is right for their own particular circumstances.
UGLE also now advises that face coverings are worn at all meetings, even though the law does not
currently require this. For the avoidance of doubt those who are exempt under the law from
wearing face coverings in shops are not expected to wear them at meetings.

The, admittedly small, good news is that if they wish, the six or fewer who attend a meeting may
now dine together.

This message applies only to Provinces in England. In Wales, legislation still prevents any Masonic
Meetings from taking place at this time.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

VW Bro/E Comp David Staples
Grand Secretary/Grand Scribe E



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