Out with the old and in with the new at the Group 2 VOs Barbecue

(L to R) Paul Doran, Peter Annett, Graham Pattenden, David Allan, Noubar Manoukian, Keith Gregory, Sam Baqui.

Following their formal Provincial Appointments and Promotions meeting, the Group 2 VO’s enjoyed a double celebration at their annual BBQ hosted as always by W. Bro Noubar Manoukian.

They toasted the past achievements of their APGM W. Bro David Allan PSGD with a glass of fizz, as he was retiring after a period of distinguished service.

He was presented with a small ‘keepsake’, which had been contributed to by his Group VOs past and present.

A second glass was then raised to another of their Group, W. Bro Peter Annett, on his appointment as one of the new APGMs in Middlesex.

They were both wished well in their future endeavours.

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